Abestos Test

Before coming to the test, let’s have a look at what asbestos is and how is this so harmful for human health that it results in a very complex kind of cancer.

Asbestos is a group of six minerals and is composed of very soft and flexible fibers and the main quality of these fibers is that they are heat, electricity and corrosion resistant hence used as an insulation material. This property makes it very useful but it is not allowed more than 1% of the product because of its toxicity and the harms it has on human health. It has proven to cause cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis.

After being a good insulator, it is also used to strengthen some materials but if asbestos dust particles are present in a certain material and they are inhaled or ingested through some way, they get trapped in the human body and stay there to cause greater damage. Over a long period of time, these fibers cause inflammation, scars or even genetic damage. The disease mesothelioma is specifically cause by exposure to asbestos fiber so we should be very careful about the fact that by any way, we are not getting exposed to this toxin because no amount of exposure to this mineral is safe but it has really bad effects is a person is exposed to it for a prolonged time in concentrations and there is no known way to reverse its damage once it has trapped inside the human body.

The majority of the detected patients are in their late 60s and are men and this is because the latency period of asbestos is very long. It takes decades to show its harms and is usually transferred into a human body through air if we handle the asbestos containing material with less care.

Asbestos can be found in:

If you are living in an old house, there is a good chance that it will have asbestos as an insulation material. Little did people know that this material is a cause of many health problems. So why go for an insulation option that is harmful and that will cost you your overall health. But the question here is that how would you know that there is presence of asbestos in your house? Do not even try to test it on your own.

Get professional help from us as our certified inspectors know the best about how to detect its presence and what measures should be taken in order to get rid of this problem and make your house asbestos free. Hawley Inspections guarantees to provide you the best professionals regarding a relative inspection and keep the problems confidential and solve them accordingly. They understand the procedure which is apparently very simple but needs to be conducted with extra care. Our team will take the sample of the material in question and conduct a thorough test. They make sure to do it with precautions and with all the necessary tools and equipment and will guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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