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According to a recent survey, around 3.8 million face death as a result of indoor poor air quality every year. The main behind this is the increase in respiratory problems caused due to indoor pollution i.e. respiratory ailments, respiratory inflammation, asthma, decreased lung functioning and cancer. We might not be aware of the fact that poor air quality results in reducing the ability to process information and human productivity. Air pollution is ranked in top five problems that risked public health and this fact is backed by the digits that around 24% of workers in office reported that the air quality inside their workplace is poor and out of these 24%, 20% claimed that it was affecting the ability to do work properly. By surveying commercial buildings, EPA estimates that around 33 to 50% are affected and 10 million work days are lost per day due to air pollution
Imagine if commercial buildings are affected this much, then your own home may not be safe from these effects. The place where you spend your maximum time needs to be checked properly in order to make sure that the air in which you breath daily is not giving you any disease in the long run.
You may think that your house is a safe space and as it seems clean, it is healthy for you and your family as well but this is not true. We are unaware of many factors that are contributing towards air pollution inside our house.

Some of the reasons why the air inside our home is getting polluted are:

All these factors can be the cause of many problems including breathing issues, mold growth, dry skin, ear and throat infection and many more.
If we know that such hazards exist and the air around us is impure, why would we not go for a home inspection when Hawley Home Inspection is guaranteeing that they are going to provide 200% satisfaction to their customers and making sure that at the end of the inspection, the home owners are completely satisfied and happy with the results and the complimentary advice given to them in order to prevent future problems.
The team of our experts will come to your house and place their sensors which will indicate the level of radon, formaldehyde, VOCs, Carbon Mono-oxide, methane, bio-aerosols, particulate matter, asbestos fibers, humidity and many more hidden dangers within the walls of your house.
Our expert team will come to your house, place their sensors in a commonly used place but not near floor heaters or fans, induction units and away from direct sunlight. We must suggest that a wall mount is better because it will actually indicate the results better. There are different levels of every pollutant that will indicate the quality of air around you and we take out consecutive results to check and make a graph for better readings. After the tests are done and treatments are suggested, feel free to ask for recommendations from our side in order to avoid future inconvenience.

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