Two Type of Gas Leak Detection:

Natural and propane are used in households such as kitchens, heating water
or in a room heating system. Gas leaks can happen due to damage in the
installation system. The two types of tests we run for gas leaks are the normal
standard gas leak test and another we call the gas pressure test. Gas leak detection
is a process of finding damages using a handheld combustible gas leak
detectors. A handheld gas leak detector is used to trace leaks in accessible and
visible gas piping in a home or even near a gas meter. The second type of gas test
is a gas line pressure test. With a gas line pressure test we will shut off all the gas
valves at their appliance. We then monitor the gas meter itself for any changes in
its gauges. Most companies shut the individual valves off and monitor the gas
pressure for 15 minutes when we monitor the gas system from 1-2 hours during the
home inspection and then re light the pilot lights to make sure they are still
working properly. The gas pressure test allows us to find indications of hidden
It is important to check the gas lines to help avoid potential bigger damages. If you
feel like there is a gas leak at home, avoid turning on a light, switching on any
electrical appliances, immediately exit the home and can call your local gas
company and report the potential leak. A Gas leak is something that is not always
easily detected. Combustible gas, other gases cannot be seen and do not have a
natural odor to them a chemical is added to the gas to give it a rotten egg smell.
Overlooking these gas leaks can be easy, but they have many harsh effects on
humans. Some of the symptoms gas exposure which can be deadly are sickness,
weakness, nausea, suffocations, and headaches. These problems when pondered
upon make us realize that gas leaks are not as harmless as one thinks, and the issue
needs to be delt with professionally.

Gas leaks if ignored for a longer period can cause many problems such as:

Some of the common things you should be aware
of are getting the gas appliances and connectors checked regularly and cleaning the
surrounding areas where they meet. The area where such appliances are being used
should be properly ventilated, carbon mono-oxide detector should be installed
inside the home on every level, within 15 feet of all sleeping quarters, and in the
same room as any gas appliances. Chemicals should not be placed near gas
appliances. We recommend a fire extinguisher placed in your reach near these
appliances just in case something happens. We want everyone to take the proper
steps in staying safe and recognizing red flags before something bad happens.

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