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Mold spores are everywhere, be it outdoor or indoor. They can travel through air and can grow on humid surfaces. The presence of water or moisture in the environment can induce its growth and it can affect any surface i.e. fiber, paper, wood, glass and plastic.

As much as they are important in the outdoor environment as it helps in breaking down the animal matter and plants, indoor mold can be a problem and not just regarding appearance. Mold growth can cause damage to your home as well as your health. Not many people understand the hazards of this problem as this can trigger respiratory issues with people who are allergic to it. It causes stuffiness of nose, shortness of breath, skin rash, headache, wheezing, sneezing, coughing, eye irritation and other respiratory problems. If you already have medical conditions like allergies, COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis or a compromised immune system then you are at a major risk of getting affected.

In addition to it, the presence of mold in your house means that you have a water problem at home too because mold cannot grow without moisture so this problem needs to be fixed as soon as it is observed. Mold spores are floating in the air so they can enter your house through windows, doors, heating and air conditioning vents, clothing, shoes, pets and it grows where they find the perfect environment i.e. dampness and less light. They can grow in sinks, bathtubs, showers, shower curtains, near leaky pipes, around windows, in attics, basements, crawlspaces and other hidden corners of your house where there is little to no movement.

Molds will not just appear out of nowhere, it starts as a little dot and then spreads quickly. It can have many textures and colors like white, black, spotted, velvety, cottony or powdery. how can you find its signs? It has an earthy musk, and will usually be found in a dark and damp space.

Following precautions should be taken:

 Do not try to remove it yourself as touching or even breathing near it can cause a bad effect on your health. Call us and get a proper mold inspection and mold testing by a team of our experts. Our mold test compares the mold count inside the building to the mold count outside the building. Testing allows us to record an accurate comparison. Swab testing is also available for visible microbial growth. Our mold inspectors are IAC2 Certified. Once the problem is identified, then we can take precautions and necessary treatments to help you get rid of this issue.

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