Radon Gas Testing

Either you are buying a new house or have been living in an old one, home inspections are important as there are many factors that are hidden from our naked eyes but are affecting the health of us and our family badly. As we all know that health and house maintenance cost a lot. So why wait for the time till when the problem is out of our hand and we cannot do anything about the problems present in our house that will result in us losing our fortune to the issues that could have been prevented.

One of the many problems related to the ecosystem of our house is the presence of radon gas. Radon Gas is present in the air around us and it enters our house through many ways so it is inevitable to avoid it’s existence. Why is this gas so harmful? It is a colorless and odorless gas but is highly dangerous because it has proven to be the cause of lung cancer in non smokers due to prolonged exposure. A study revealed that around 21000 Americans died due to lung cancer and being non-smokers, the cause of this lung cancer was deduced to be radon exposure. Experts say that a minimal amount of radon is present in the air we breath but if inhaled for a prolonged period, it can cause issues. There is no other way that you can be sure about it’s presence or absence in the house as it can enter your house in many ways.

For instance:

For the health of your family, you have to get it tested with the help of professionals in order to be sure that the air you are breathing in daily is not toxic for you and your family. Hawley Inspections have expert certified professionals who will visit your house when you book an appointment, look for the visible signs to check if you have some certain cracks on the walls and floor of your house and conduct a radon test. They look for a least used room in your house and place their equipment there to test the presence of radon in that certain room. The machine is plugged on a table and it stays there for 48 hours. As it is backed by battery so you do not have to worry about power failure. Let it stay there untouched and the inspectors will come after the completion of process to take the test and inform you about the results. If the amount of radon calculated at the end of the test is more than four picocuries per liter, then you have something to worry about. Our licensed experts will provide you professional help and guidance about what steps should be taken further.
The health of your family comes first so why wait before booking an appointment to purify your house from this toxin.

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