Wood destroying insects (Termite) inspection:

If you are a homeowner or looking for a new house, you must know about how to check if the infrastructure of your house is not getting or already destroyed by wood destroying insects. Why is it important? It is estimated that homeowners across the country spend $5 billion each year on termite control and the damage caused by it which could cost you around thousands of dollars individually and you might not be ready for it. Termites are found in the hidden areas where there is little or no light and no open air. They are typically found underground or hidden inside the woods so for this reason, it is important to involve professional help in order to get rid of this problem as soon as it is identified because delaying the remedy will result in serious wood structure damage in your house. This problem is very crucial as till the time you get to know about this issue, it may have caused the damage that would need a lot of your fortune. Getting a home inspection done is very important as only an expert can tell if termites are present in that area. They will inspect the interior and exterior of your house visually and look for any signs that indicate the presence of wood destroying insects in your house.

Getting a home inspection done is very important as only an expert can tell if termites are present in that area. Only termites are not the problem, there are other wood destroying insects that can be analyzed by experts only.

Some of the signs are:

If you find any of these signs in your house, call our experienced professionals who are expert in this field. They will come investigate the whole area for the presence and the intensity of the infestation and suggest you accordingly. There are many methods through which they can be eliminated from your house but the methods which are used mostly are chemical treatment and in-ground baiting systems. Chemical treatment is mainly used in order to create a continuous barrier between the wood destroying insects present in the soil and the timber of the house. The other method is also becoming popular which includes the installation of cellulose bait stations at the strategic points around the house at different locations. Hawley inspections make sure to send relative experts who can deal with this problem with extra caution and take care of your house for you.

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