Well Water Testing

Is your new home running on well water? Are you wondering what to do next? Well water is retrieved from the private well that is located on the property. The wells are built by drilling into the ground and accessing an underground aquifer, which then pumps the untreated water into the house. You need to make sure that you get your water tested to ensure water is suitable for intended use, especially if chosen to be drank by humans and animals. Determine what kind of treatment system is needing to maintain correct levels and the test tracks changes over time, so you can see how often or little the water has changed over time.

We take a sample of your water and have it tested at a certified laboratory. They run a test which shows harmful bacteria that is invisible to the naked eye such as, bacteria, parasites, and viruses. The test will show if there are high levels of nitrate which interferes with the ability of blood to carry oxygen and coliform which increases the risk of cancer and causes problems during pregnancy, along with triggering damage to the liver, kidneys, and other central nervous systems. Your water might look and taste good but is not necessarily safe to drink. The contaminated water can cause immediate sickness to humans if not properly treated and contains certain chemicals that can cause long term health problems that take years to develop.

If too much nitrate is found they use treatments such as ion exchange, distillation, and reverse osmosis to try and lower the levels. Heating and boiling water does not remove nitrate from the water. Bacteria, parasites, and viruses need to use some form of chlorination. You can inject chlorine into your water supply with a water conditioning system. The system eliminates all forms of coliform bacteria making your water safe to drink. We recommend frequent water testing, at least once a year too identify unsafe water and to ensure that the treatment system is treating the water at a satisfactory level.

Some of the impurities are:

Whatever the result is from the treatment plant, the water reaching our homes through miles of pipelines contains contaminants to some extent. Our team is heavily trained in recognizing the safe levels of certain impurities and how to get rid of them if they surpass the potable level. The water at a residence should be tested annually as recommended by EPA to check the level of contaminants like nitrates, bacteria, solids and other impurities mentioned above. The testing should be done by experts on the location of the access point of water and this should be made sure that it is done uniformly. Our experts perform the water test as recommended by the WHO and the test for water contamination by bacteria comes out in 48 hours but other minerals’ test may take more than two days. Rely on us completely to make sure that the water analysis is done thoroughly and the legit reports are provided back to you.

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